• Wall Graphics

    You’ve probably driven around Wichita before and saw large wall graphics both inside and outside of businesses. They probably cost a ton of money and take a lot of man hours, right? Wrong! With US Logo, our wall graphic signs are designed and perfected by our knowledgeable team to xpress your message.

  • Point of Purchase (POP)

    Do you need to attract the right kind of attention? POP (Point of Sale) signs are a classy way to stand out from the crowd and show off the kind of service you offer.

  • Dimensional

    If you want to reach out and touch people, then dimensional signs are the way to go. It isn’t something that has been used all that often in Wichita, which is why it is a great way to make your corporate office, waiting room, or place of business stand out from everyone else. Send us a file and we will help you to create a sign with the best size, color, and materials to make a great display.

  • ADA Signs

    A great sign can really change the way someone sees your company or business. From large signs that hang from the ceiling to wallpaper styled signs that are more permanent, interior signs are a great way to xpress yourself ad ensure people don’t forget your name. Signs are the cornerstone to effective marketing and communication for your company.

  • Yard Signs

    Yard signs are another easy way to get publicity, especially if you are using them to show off successfully completed work. They have to be easy to read, durable, and noticeable. Our team can help you there.

  • Window Graphics

    If you want to get the most out of your advertisements, window signs are a great way to go. From simple designs that take up a corner to custom sized window dressings, US Logo can help you with everything from design to installation tips. You want everything to have high quality, whether it is an advertisement for a special or hours of operation.

  • Banners

    Vinyl banners go a long way with advertising in the Wichita area because they succinctly convey professionalism, quality, and brand style. At US Logo, we make vinyl banners that are perfect for corporate events, interior design, or to take with you as you travel to different areas. They fold and travel well, making them perfect for events, car shows, educational, governmental, business uses and so much more.

  • Site Signs

    Starting early is a great way to ensure success for your company or business. When you are still in the formation stages, construction signs build up the anticipation, inform potential customers, and give you tons of publicity. Our experienced team will help you to design site signs that will stand up against whatever nature and construction can throw at them – from high heat to torrential downpours. Site signs are essentially posted around a construction site to announce that you are “coming soon!”

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