Interior and Exterior Vinyl Wall Wraps

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  • Turn Around Time: 5 days from art approval

You’ve probably driven around Wichita before and saw large wall graphics both inside and outside of businesses. They probably cost a ton of money and take a lot of man hours, right?


With US Logo, our wall graphics are individually designed and perfected by our knowledgeable team. We mostly work on interior pieces that really pop and go along with the interior design.

The best part is that they really don’t take all that long to construct – they go up like large sections of wallpaper!

A well-designed wall mural is one of the best ways to have long lasting, creative transformation of your non-descript business space. Interior and exterior wall graphics give you the opportunity to get many more visual advertising impressions on a day-to-day basis, resulting in higher sales.

Our design time will work with you and your marketing representative to get the most out of your empty wall space by creating an impressive, high quality advertisement. You can use this advertisement to highlight sales, to help your branding, or to increase sales.

When you have a custom designed wall mural, you can bring the attention to whatever you want. Our design team understands what draws the eye and encourages sales in many industries. We also install them so that everything will be done according to standards.

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