How We Work at MightyWraps?

Free Estimate

Want a free estimate for your project? Are you ready to start the process? Just give a call at 316-264-1321, click on one of the many free estimate buttons throughout the Web site or go to one of our contact forms. One of our experienced vehicle graphics professionals will provide you with an estimate.To ensure you receive an accurate estimate be sure to have as much information as possible such as the YEAR, MAKE & MODEL of your vehicle.


Our basic design package fees start at $300.00. Once you have received your estimate and are ready to proceed, MightyWraps will collect the $300.00 and we will begin the process of designing your vehicle graphics.

The design consultation can be done via email, phone, or in person at our facility. We understand that life is busy and to meet in person is not always a convenient option. Email is usually the preferred way because we can track the progress of your design better and you can respond to emails anytime without being limited to our business hours (8am – 5pm CST Monday – Friday)

Print Production

As soon as MightyWraps receives your final approval on a design, we will collect a production deposit equal to 50% of your total project.Our graphic designer will gladly begin the process of producing your graphic art files and upload the files to our expert, wide-format print production department.

In some instances the graphic designer may decide that it is necessary to create a test sample if you have chosen to color match existing art. Jobs requiring specific color settings to match brand identity will require an additional fee. This can also delay your vehicle graphics until a press check has been approved and signed off.

MightyWraps prints vehicle graphics in our 24,000 ft2 production facility located in Wichita, KS, on premium quality vinyl and laminates. Only the highest quality inks are used with our state-of-the-art printers. The colors on your project will be vibrant and stunning.


Superior installation is as important to your project as the design and print production are. You simply cannot have one without the other. That’s why at MightyWraps we will install our vehicle your graphics using certified installers.