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MightyWraps Truck and Car Wraps Make a Big Impression

A vinyl wrap (or MightyWraps, as we call it) is an adhesive, “second skin” applied over your vehicle’s paint. It’s a great way to renew or customize the look of your vehicle without painting it, or to display an eye-catching advertising message that would be many times more expensive if applied with paint. Many business owners choose this high-impact form of advertising to make their company vehicles stand out on the road, providing as many as 40,000 brand impressions per day at a cost as low as 70 cents per thousand impressions. Whatever your purpose, vinyl truck and car wraps offer endless color and design options.

Check out this video for tips about vinyl wrap design and graphic info placement…

MightyWraps is a division of US Logo Companies, and the MightyWraps crew includes some of the best vinyl wrap professionals in Wichita, KS.

Why Get a Vinyl Truck or Car Wrap?

Great advertising visibility is one of many reasons a car wrap can make sense. A vinyl wrap also protects the paint, which helps maintain resale value. Note that it’s important to get a high-quality car wrap with professional installation if you plan to remove or replace the vinyl in the future.

Hajoca Semi Truck Wrap
Hajoca Mack Truck Full Coverage Semi Truck Wrap

Your vehicle’s paint can be dulled and damaged over time by ultraviolet rays from the sun, as well as from road debris and even atmospheric chemicals. A second vinyl “skin” protects the paint from these elements and keeps it in great condition. When a vinyl panel is compromised by road debris or environmental factors, you can replace the damaged panel, which costs far less than a paint job.

Big Fish Bail Bonds Toyota SUV Vinyl Wrap

Wraps can be applied over old or new paint to make your vehicle look new again in a matter of hours. You can apply a new color to your vehicle, add graphics, or choose from finishes that are not even available from paint manufacturers. The options are endless.

Midwest Mechanical Fleet Wraps on Ford Sprinter Vans by MightyWraps

Is a Vinyl Wrap Cost Effective as Advertising?

Think of a vinyl wrap as a moving billboard that grabs attention everywhere it goes. Truck and car wraps broadcast your company graphics to everyone who sees your vehicle as you drive to meetings, sit at traffic lights, and park in front of your home and work place. Many people will see your message several times a week, and this repetition is crucial to brand marketing. With the potential for 40,000 impressions every day, a vinyl wrap is one of the most compelling and least expensive forms of advertising for businesses with local customers.


Midwest Mechanical Fleet Wraps on Ford Sprinter Vans by MightyWraps - Roof Wrap

What Should You Put on an Advertising Wrap?

Think of a vinyl wrap as a moving billboard; the design rules are the same when you craft your marketing message:

  • • Keep it simple with very little text. Like a billboard, people often have only a few seconds to absorb your message. The fewer words you use, the better.
  • • Rely on images to make an eye-catching statement. Your logo, company colors, and simplicity of design usually make the fastest, cleanest branding statement.
  • • Get help with your design. Our design department has deep experience translating brand graphics to the vehicle vinyl wrap medium. Let the experts guide you—even provide sample designs to choose from. The process is easy. Fun, too.

Call now to get started: tel:1-316-264-1321.

Crazy Jays Furniture and Sleep Shop Vinyl Wrap

What can Vinyl be Applied To?

MightyWrap vehicle wraps can be applied to OTR trucks, cars, vans, trailers, boats, food trucks, buses, tractors, and heavy equipment, and motorcycles, as well as buildings, packaging, and virtually anything else with a hard, nonporous surface. Vinyl graphics offer high impact at a reasonable cost in unlimited applications.

What Types of Wraps are Available?

MightyWraps offers many looks and finishes that are just not possible with paint, including carbon fiber, wood, brushed metal, and chrome. Patterns can be anything you imagine, from full camouflage to leopard spots to racing stripe accents.


A Jaguar - 4-door coupe that has been vinyl wrapper with MightyWraps Camo Wrap Vinyl.

The 3M™ 1080 Series vinyl we use provides striking finishes and bold colors that set them apart from other materials. The 1080 Series is available in more than 80 types of finishes, including:

  • • shade-shifting films
  • • flaked gloss
  • • matte metallic
  • • matte chrome
  • • brushed
  • • carbon fiber
  • • much more


Maroon Camo Truck Wrap


The 3M™ brand promises quality, reliability, service—and comes with a warranty.

How Much of My Vehicle can I Wrap?

The short answer is: as much as you want. Full wraps cost more than partial wraps, as you might guess, but it really depends on your goals for the vehicle. Here are some options:

  • • Complete paint coverage (full wrap) – A full wrap gives you coverage from bumper to bumper, providing maximum design potential for advertising. It’s also the right option if you’re looking for a complete vehicle make-over.
  • • Protective wrap – This is ideal for shielding vulnerable parts of your vehicle from road debris, like the hood and front bumper. We offer clear wrap materials that let the original paint show through while protecting these areas. Partial advertising wraps are also ideal for people on a budget, and they still allow you to choose from all of the same vivid finishes and colors options as if you were doing a full wrap.
  • • Partial and accent wraps – You can cover only specific areas of your vehicle to achieve a specific look. A roof, hood, or cockpit-style wrap allows you to create contrasting color combinations to accent the original paint job. Vinyl wraps also give you the option to create a custom design of your choice for the hood or roof. This can be a texture, a graphic, a pattern, or an accent design. For example, you can mimic the look of a carbon fiber hood, as found on race cars without paying the high cost of actual carbon fiber. Or choose a contrasting cockpit-style wrap for the canopy to emulate the “super car” look.
  • • Spot graphics – This is a great option for businesses. Spot graphics allow you to place your company logo, contact information, or even your business license number on any side of a car, truck, van, or bus.

How a Vinyl Car Wrap is Applied

Vinyl is applied to your car or truck one panel at a time. Each section tightly adheres to the panel, then trimmed to fit. The result is a custom vinyl car wrap (or truck or bus wrap) that looks as clean and flawless as the original paint — but with many more design options.

Types of Car Wrap Printing

Vinyl printing is done in two ways: digitally printed and pre-cured. Each material has its advantages, depending on your goals:

  • • Digitally Printed Car Wrap – This type of wrap provides endless graphic options. If you want patterns or designs, this is the way to go. Digitally printed vinyl begins as a base white, which we run through our large-format printer to apply the art. Need help with graphics? Give us a call. The people in our design department are creative, affordable, fast, and fun to work with.
  • • Pre-cured Vinyl Car Wrap – Pre-curing the vinyl allows us to chemically bind the color to the vinyl, and it offers an option not available in digitally printed car wraps: texture. This process works great for solid colors but doesn’t allow the printing of graphics. Pre-cured is a very reliable option for “repainting” large areas with a wrap.


Cat Daddy Converter Box Truck Vinyl Wrap / Semi Wrap

Types of Vinyl Wrap Material

Vinyl wrap material comes in two forms: calendered vinyl and cast vinyl. Each is a good option for certain applications. Let’s take a tour:

  • • Calendared vinyl is created by pushing a moldable vinyl wrap compound through rollers. It sort of “squirts out” a sheet on the other side which has a very consistent thickness. This method produces a rugged vinyl, but it’s not very flexible. If you’re wrapping commercial trailers or vans with lots of flat sides, this may be a cost-effective option. Calendared vinyl can last up to 7 years on the road.
  • • Cast vinyl is basically baked like a brownie. The vinyl “batter” is poured into a high-tech cookie sheet, then placed in the oven. This process yields a very flexible film that can be slightly stretched and molded over the topography of most any vehicle. It costs more to “cook” vinyl this way, so it’s more expensive. The application process is also more involved, so that adds to the cost. But cast vinyl is the standard for most vehicles, and it’s still a very cost-effective form of local brand advertising compared to most other media. Cast vinyl can last up to 12 years on the road.

What About a Do-it-Yourself Car Wrap?

Technically? You could probably do it yourself. Of course, you could probably cook a perfect Eggs Benedict, given enough time, but it’s easier to let professionals do some things when you want them done right. Here are the basics of what we do:

  • • We start with a very clean car. A very, VERY CLEAN car. We’re talking Karate-Kid clean because any wax, dirt, or chemical residue on the paint will weaken the adhesion of the vinyl. You’ll get bubbles and peeled edges… it’s not pretty.
  • • Manipulate the vehicle art with software that sections it and reshapes it so that the finished design will “paint” the right picture on your vehicle.
  • • Assign a crew. Vinyl wrapping is not a two-handed job—or at least it’s many times easier with more than one person. If you do this yourself, call a friend with dexterous hands and a decent eye.
  • • The last step is application. Vinyl is not a forgiving medium. It’s not like duct tape, where you can peel it up and try again. Vinyl application is a craft that doesn’t offer second chances.

SKT Trailer Wrap

MightyWraps are a Great Way to Customize Your Vehicle

MightyWraps is one of Wichita’s most trusted providers of vehicle wraps. We stand behind our work, and our people make the experience fun. Whether you need vehicle wrap advertising or just want to spruce up your ride, MightyWraps, a US Logo Company, is South Central Kansas’ vinyl vehicle wrap headquarters.

Harper Industries Deweze Truck Wrap

Fleet Wraps Eck Services – Kingman, KS

Vinyl Wrapping – What It Is and Why It Could Be For You

Do you want to return your used car to its shiny showroom glory, or are you hoping for a more unique, custom look? Are you good with your hands and looking for a weekend project you can show off around town, or do you prefer to leave it up to the professionals? Are you a business looking for a way to reach out to new customers? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, vinyl wraps may be just what you’re looking for. We’re here to answer all of your burning questions – from what vinyl wraps are, to the different types available, to why you can benefit from their use. And, hopefully, we will give you a little inspiration along the way.
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Why should you select MightyWraps to help grow your business?

  • Our business… is GROWING your business!
  • A MightyWraps vehicle gets the most bang for your buck – your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, van, boat or even party bus could be seen by tens of thousands of potential customers on a daily basis.
  • Even when your vehicle is just sitting in a parking lot, it is working hard to advertise for you.
  • You pay for a vinyl wrap once and it works for years. A typical wrap lasts 4-7 years – and you can get the information changed.
  • That means you get 3-6 years of solid ROI on your wrap. Car wrapping is a great investment.
  • In most cases, you can have a wrap custom designed, printed, and installed within a 2-week time-frame.
  • You bring your car, truck, ATV or boat to us clean, and we return it to you completely wrapped. Custom vinyl wraps, racing stripes, window graphics, installed carbon fibre, vinyl lettering and more. MightyWraps is Wichita’s vehicle wrap headquarters.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page or give us a call at 316-264-1321.

US Logo and Mighty Wraps Testimonials

Our vehicles decals turned out great and the garments from our large apparel order not only looked amazing but…

During our rebrand from CMC New Homes to Miller Family Homes, we needed updated apparel and vehicle decals. Jason at US Logo was fantastic at managing multiple requests, quotes and a very complex apparel order. Our vehicles decals turned out great and the garments from our large apparel order not only looked amazing but were correct despite our requests for multiple sizes, varying garments and the need for different logos for different branches of our company. We were very impressed with how everything turned out and that our instructions and requests were so accurately met across every department at US Logo!
Marketing Miller Family

Awesome people and phenomenal work

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Nell and everyone else at US Logo are awesome people and do a phenomenal work!
Jacob Vestering

Great products with wonderful quality.

They are wonderful. Great products with wonderful quality.
Jennifer Brooks

Awesome service and product!

Awesome service and product!
Regina Miller – R. Miller Consulting, LLC. Wichita, KS

Turned out better than I expected

They were very friendly and helpful. I got a licensed Harry Potter design on a hoodie for my birthday and it turned out better than I expected. Kelly helped me out a lot. Definitely will be coming back here if I end up wanting more and different designs. Recommend them. ☺️👍🏽
Lyss A

Always great service to the customer

Always great service to the customer. I highly recommend US Loco for all your logo needs.
J Pope

US Logo got my shirts and hoodies done quick

Great customer service, quick turn around. I was waiting for 2 months on Apple Graphics for nothing. US logo got my shirts and hoodys done quick and with quality.
High Hopes ICT

Crystal has been very helpful with all of our needs

We have used US Logo for a few years and couldn’t be happier. Crystal has been very helpful with all of our needs for the Midwest Supershow.
Yung 333

Your passion and dedication is a rare but beautiful thing

Shu, what can I say. I have searched for over a year for a license plate frame. 5 minutes with you and you have your entire staff looking and creating. Your passion and dedication is a rare but beautiful thing. You have all my business my friend.
Ben Henwood

Very professionally ran organization

I have used US Logo many times for vehicle wraps and art design/print work for my company. Crystal and Josh have always went above and beyond to help out and make everything as smooth as possible. Very professionally ran organization. Highly recommend them to anyone.
Roy Moore – Tailored Roofing

They have performed beyond anyone expectations

Working with Crystal from US Logo has been so incredibly smooth. We use US Logo for many things, but recently we have really put the pressure on them last minute, and they have performed beyond anyone expectations. I sent Crystal an email after hours and with in 10 minutes she responded and with in the hour she had quote. The job was done 3 the very next day. Cannot say enough about Crystal, Joel, TJ and his team. Thank you so so much.
Troy Palmer

We were very pleased with the retractable banner they made

US Logo, Inc. was referred to us for our retractable banner that was needed ASAP! Wow!.. They stepped up, accommodated us and we were very pleased with the retractable banner they made for us. -Great service and great prices! Thank you, Crystal, & Joel you are both awesome! We appreciate your whole team and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Sincerely, Renee Carrion, Marketing Specialist for Two Men And A Truck.

A wonderful job with all my signs on my food truck Snack Shack & Us

Us Logo has done a wonderful job with all my signs on my food truck Snack Shack & Us. We will use them for all our shirts, decals from here on out. We are so pleased with the customers service and the quickness of the jobs.
Erica Phillips

Their customer service is really what stands out!

I have done several projects with US logo. From Vehicle Wraps (3 total) and T-Shirts. They have been phenomenal to work with. Their customer service is really what stands out. They get work done on time, for the quoted price, and the product is always above standard. Their pricing is clear and transparent, and always on par with competitors. Really enjoy doing business with them!
Brian Choy

Jason at US Logo was fantastic

During our rebrand from CMC New Homes to Miller Family Homes, we needed updated apparel and vehicle decals. Jason at US Logo was fantastic at managing multiple requests, quotes and a very complex apparel order. Our vehicles decals turned out great and the garments from our large apparel order not only looked amazing but were correct despite our requests for multiple sizes, varying garments and the need for different logos for different branches of our company. We were very impressed with how everything turned out and that our instructions and requests were so accurately met across every department at US Logo!
Marketing Miller Family

US logo and installers did a great job!!!

The trailer was just done like my Logo’s thanks US logo and installers did a great job!!!
Tom Shamblin Painting

More than happy to work with me

I have been using USLogo for my business for the past 8 yrs. I’ve purchased my employee shirts w/logos, business cards, stationery, advertising banners, and vehicle wraps. My experience has always been a positive one. If I wanted changes or something didn’t quite look right (even if it was my fault!) they were more than happy to work with me until I was satisfied. Top notch company, total professionals.
Mick Lowderman

All about customer service

Service to the agency is exemplary and all about customer service; highly recommend US Logo.
~KS Catholic Charities~

Working with blank canvas

Great company to work with. Brought them a blank canvas and they worked their magic. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
Crystal was great taking a couple of suggestions and giving me exactly what I wanted.
~Joseph Darren Straub – Staub Powersports~

Prices are very fair service is top notch they are always on top of an order they have handled all my uniforms, wraps for vehicle, and my website I’ve been very pleased.
~Steve Sampson – Renewed Remodeling~

Motorcycle Graphics

Very helpful. Delivered on time as promised. Very pleased with the graphic for my motorcycle.

~Michael Randles~

Wichita Fish Company Menus

Great Company to work with Adrian did an awesome job on our menus for the Wichita Fish Company and Crystal surprised us with a new design on our work shirts.
~Neeley Towns~

Our shirts came out amazing

Crystal was great and our shirts came out amazing! She helped us the entire way through the process and answered any questions we had. We have received many inquiries from customers on how they can purchase our shirts for themselves. The turn around time from order to delivery was incredibly short! Highly recommend!

Absolutely amazing very friendly staff

So if you want a company to stand behind you, your company, or a project that you’re doing – US Logo is the company, absolutely amazing very friendly staff I care about you and your project, I highly recommend US Logo and their team or any of your projects or needs, US Logo has done an amazing job on my projects on our website and other things. Thank you US Logo!

~Drew Brenner – Medical Loan Closet~

Some very fine-looking wraps

Best logos I have found anywhere they work with you until you are completely satisfied I’ve tried others and compared to u.s. logo it looks like kids were doing them this is a truly professional logo company they also home of the mighty wraps and I have seen them put out some very fine-looking wraps definitely consider them as your main hookup.
you won’t go wrong.

~Martin Painting Business~


SEO MAGICIANS! US Logo started handling maintenance, social networking, and SEO for our auto collision repair website a few months ago, and traffic has quadrupled in a very short time. I’ve worked with other SEO experts, but I’ve never seen results anywhere close to these. Highly recommended!
~Cinema 1 Client Portal~

The prints on them last forever

This is a great company that provides excellent product and service. We have worked with them for many years and are always happy. The shirts they provide and the prints on them last forever!

~Chad Poort~

Your passion and dedication is a rare but beautiful thing

Shu, what can I say. I have searched for over a year for a license plate frame. 5 minutes with you and you have your entire staff looking and creating. Your passion and dedication is a rare but beautiful thing. You have all my business, my friend.

Ben Henwood

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable

Kelly Marsalis is the best! Not only was she extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to give our company outstanding customer service and care. Kelly was always very pleasant, positive and great to work with. We will continue to use US Logo for all of our needs. Kelly, the Cat Hospital of Wichita loves you.

~Lisa Grivois~

I have always been 100% completely satisfied

US Logo is a one stop shop. We have used them for many different things such as window wraps, business cards, screen printing, and stitching. I have always been 100% completely satisfied with the final product. They have always completed the job within the time frame they gave me and are very easy to work with all around.

~Luke Dold~

Extremely attentive to customers needs

The staff at US Logo are extremely attentive to customers needs. I’ve used them a number of times and they always do an excellent job. Any little blips or problems they notify you immediately and take care of it. I’ve always gotten my order complete and in plenty of time for my event. Kelly Marsalis does an outstanding job with the best customer service! I would highly recommend US Logo for your printing needs.
~Elden Galano~

Helpful in guiding my wife and myself through the development process

I was very happy with the order. Customer Rep Syesa was most helpful in guiding my wife and myself through the development process, gave us layout suggestions, offered sizing alternatives, and just brought all the pieces together for us. When I picked up the order, the shirts were exactly what we wanted. Many thanks to Syesa and to all those at US Logo.

Fast, prompt, friendly service

Crystal is great to work with! Fast, prompt, friendly service with quality work! Big thanks!
~Meticulous Media Group~

Hard Decision

Regarding choosing a logo from the concepts provided:
Ok…. We are finally choosing D1. Thank you for your patience with us!… This was such a HARD decision because y’all did so great (again)… Thanks for everything. Jesse keeps saying, “They are just SO good at what they do!”


Rachel Sample

Wichita Wood Flooring Specialist

HARD decision

Nico Hernandez Olympic Boxer 2016 Rio

Nico Hernandez Olympic Boxer 2016 Rio bound!”So excited!!! just want to thank everyone for all your support. We did it we earned enough money for my parents to go to Rio with me from the North high round up, the t-Shirts, the gofundme, the autographed mini gloves US Logo, Inc.. I really appreciate the love everyone is showing me without you my friends this would not have been possible. I promise to all you to leave it all in the ring at the Olympics #Blessed Nico Hernandez Tj Smith

Nico Hernandez Olympic Boxer 2016 Rio
Nico Hernandez Olympic Boxer 2016 Rio

Kacy Standley


Once again, I just want to say thanks for jobs well done over the last couple months. You guys exceeded all of my expectations and we looked awesome in our t-shirts for our CNHI B&B Rodeo. I look forward to working with you all again in the future, and if you ever need a review or testimonial please let me know. Have a great weekend and please pass my appreciation on to everyone 🙂


Kacy Standley

Tech Writer
CNH Industrial, LLC.
Wichita, KS

Judd Doffing

Great group of people! Awesome work and amazing turn around time!

Judd Doffing

Supreme Shrestha

Thank you US Logo for providing Tshirts to the #NepalEarthquake Relief fund.. We appreciate it greatly!

Supreme Shrestha

Briana Higgins

Thank you US Logo for providing Screen Printed T-Shirts to the #NepalEarthquake Relief fund… We appreciate it greatly!!!

Supreme Shrestha

Jeremy David Shapel

Thank you to the US Logo team for working hard this morning to finish my products. If you would like a company that will take the time to fix every little detail to make the product fit your expectations and request, this is the place to go. All done with a smile! Thank You!

Jeremy David Shapel (Friends University Ballet)

Isaac Duncan, Write Contracting Group

Absolutely, 100%, I believe the best looking truck you have of all jobs you’ve done! The way the colors intercept the border color of the actual factory color of the truck makes it your number one seller! Put it on your Advertising! MightyWraps did a great job, love the shirts also hats are awesome.

(Isaac Duncan, Write Contracting Group, November 2015)

American Hero T Shirt- Haven, KS.

“American Hero T Shirt has been a proud customer of US Logo for 2 years. We have used not only their screen printing services but also their design and embroidery services and have been nothing but 110% satisfied. We recommend them highly!”

American Hero T Shirt- Haven, KS.

Tammy’s Matte Black Jeep Wrap

We love all the vehicles you have wrapped for us and are very pleased with the finished product every time. I know Tammy L. Overbey really likes the new black Jeep.Thanks guys for another great job. 🙂

Big Mike’s Bail Bonds

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Thinking of purchasing a vehicle wrap?

"We are honored you are considering MightyWraps - vehicle wraps, where your feedback isn’t just important, it’s absolutely critical. Do you find our site difficult to navigate, wish we were open on weekends, or would you like to see DIY videos? We want to hear from you, so don’t hold back, give it to us straight. It is through the comments and criticisms of our customers that many of our policies have been improved." ~TJ Smith President~

"We are not just another Wichita-based “print/sign shop”

MightyWraps isn’t just another Wichita-based “print shop” that lists wrapping vehicles as one of its many services. Focused on vehicle wraps since it came on the scene in 2005, Mighty Wraps has become well know as Wichita’s go-to source for vehicle wraps. Innovative design, quality installs, and knowledgeable staff combine to provide a wonderful customer experience.

"Why consider working with a company operating out of a rented garage?" All MightyWraps employees are full-time career-oriented professionals that have chosen vehicle wrapping as their discipline. Trade show instructional classes, technical workshops, and the latest educational videos combined with hands-on training sessions provide MightyWraps employees with tools those part-time home based guys can only dream of.

Backed by Industry leader US Logo, MightyWraps operates out of Wichita, KS.

No SEO “Gimmickry” here, MightyWraps isn’t like those out of town shops that exploit the web to appear to be located in Wichita KS. We are proudly located inside the enormous 24,000 sq. foot US Logo facility at 520 N. West street, here in Wichita, Kansas.

Types of Vehicle Wrap Film

With the popularity of vinyl film car wraps, vinyl manufacturer’s like 3M, continue to expand their product offerings. When you want your car, truck, boat, van, or box truck wrapped, consult the staff at MightyWraps.

We have a great understanding of the characteristics of each vinyl wrap film and will explain the benefits versus the drawbacks of each, to aid in selecting the ideal film for your needs. Popular options now include carbon fiber vinyl wrap, metal textured finishes, and camo vinyl wrap. Need a black vinyl wrap? We offer both a matte finish and high gloss black vinyl wrap. The gloss finish is selected most often when car advertising is your goal.

MightyWraps and Vinyl Wraps for All Vehicles

"MightyWraps isn’t your typical vinyl wrap company! Our affiliation with US Logo changes everything. US Logo understands brand management and the role your vehicle wrap plays. Sure your graphics will be creative and memorable but more importantly, they will also be effective. Your vehicle wrap is an advertisement that needs to target the right audience. If you want to grow your business, you don’t just want any old wrap, you deserve MightyWraps from US Logo."