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On top of the already extensive services we offer here at US Logo, we also provide digital marketing services for businesses that are looking to expand their customer base. The key objective of digital marketing campaigns is to get your brand in front of the right audience, thereby creating awareness and improving sales.

Located in Wichita, Kansas, US Logo has successfully helped businesses of all sizes – from family owned to international corporations – grow and advance through the use of digital marketing strategies.

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Wichita’s Digital Marketing Agency

US Logo is a full-service and in-house company that can assist you with any aspect of your digital marketing strategy – from improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns to video production, we can do it all!

Our digital marketing solutions combine both creative and data driven approaches to create customized campaigns for businesses of all kinds. We diligently analyze the data we collect on each campaign, and then use that information to create a strategic roadmap to ensure that we are consistently delivering results that meet your business goals.

No two businesses are the same, so neither should be their digital marketing strategies. Our team at US Logo creates unique and individualized experience for each customer, based on determined needs and wants. So, whether you’re a new business with no previous digital marketing campaigns, or you’re an established company simply looking to optimize your existing strategies, US Logo has the abilities and resources to meet all of your needs.

Your individual marketing strategies are built and chosen based on collected data. This data is consistently analyzed, and then later used to revise the strategy in order to strive for continuous improvement.

APR Works SEO / Organic Marketing Campaign - chart shows traffic from around December 1st, 2018 - October 24th, 2018

We will collaborate with you to create a competitive and evolving strategy that will help you to understand your customers’ behaviors and to achieve your business goals.

digital marketing services - SEO - Websites

Digital Marketing Services That We Offer

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can assist in improving your website’s organic rankings in major search engines, such as Google.

digital marketing services - SEO - Websites

Web Design & Development

We can develop and design new websites, or simply improve your current site, in order to make sure yours stands out from the crowd, all while making sure it accurately demonstrates the values your company represents.

eCommerce websites and digital marketing


If you’re a business who focuses mainly on e-commerce, we can help you to optimize your site to be fast responding, efficient, easy to use, secure, designed for both desktop and mobile use, and so many more facets that create an ideal e-commerce site.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most important types of digital marketing. Our team can create and develop content, along with suggested timelines, for your social media pages that will effectively help you to connect and engage with current and potential customers.

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Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are a great option for those looking for an immediate boost in digital marketing revenue. We can help your business to create and analyze your PPC campaigns in order to successfully attract new customers.

Video production and digital marketing

Video Production

Let us help you to create engaging and appealing video for your business that demonstrates who you are, what you offer, and what you stand for.

Content Writing

Digital content, such as blogs, have become a useful and necessary addition to your digital marketing strategy. While employing SEO practices, we will help in the development of the content needed in order for you to retain and attract new customers.

Digital Marketing - Content marketing and analytics

Conversion Optimization

We can apply conversion optimization techniques to your marketing strategy in order to convert all of those visitors to your website into customers.

Proximity and geo fencing digital marketing

Digital Retargeting (Remarketing) and Pretargeting

No matter what type of business you are, we will help you to clarify your goals, needs, and priorities in order to attract new customers and grow your business.
Retargeting, which keeps your brand in front of the customer after they leave your site, and pretargeting, which uses the past behavior and the buyer’s profile to advertise on similar sites, are tactics that are used to increase your brand’s online presence. The displays include banner ads, text, videos, or a mix of them together. Based on data we collect, we can help you to target customers centered around the online content your potential customers are interested in, paired with their demographic and psychographic details.

Digital Retargeting (Remarketing) and Pretargeting

Digital Display Advertising Options Include:
  • Video advertising in YouTube & 3rd party partners
  • Search retargeting
  • Site retargeting
  • Location-based retargeting
  • Keyword contextual targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Situational targeting
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Whether it be newsletters, product updates, or confirmation e-mails, we can set your business up with automated or standard e-mail marketing campaigns in order to keep your customers coming back.

    We have the ability to efficiently and easily create and enhance your business’ local listings across more than 60 different partners including, but not limited to, Google, Facebook, Bing, and Superpages. We even monitor, review, and analyze the listings to make sure you’re getting the most from them.

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Did you say where is a digital marketing agency near me?

Well, here we are conveniently located on 520 N. West St in Wichita, Kansas.