• Screen Printing – Qty: 12+

    Whether you call it silk screening, silk screen printing, or screen printing, it is one of the most popular apparel decoration techniques. Most commonly associated with t-shirts, screen printing looks great! Screen printed t-shirts are used for fundraising, to recognize volunteers, to reward participants and by teams and organizations of every size.

    This technique prints directly onto the surface of the apparel using a stenciled screen to create an image, a single color at a time. Screen printing is not limited to apparel. Screen printing is also used on signage, metal parts and generally, any smooth-surfaced materials.

  • Embroidery – Qty: 1+
    When a more luxurious appearance is called for, consider using embroidery. Our embroidery thread is made of 100% polyester, therefore entirely color fast. Avoid rayon thread!
    Select embroidery for items you will use for years to come. The cost of embroidery is a little higher and logos will require a one-time setup or digitizing fee. Using multiple colors of thread in a logo or design does not increase the price. Average lead time is 10 working days, though rush service is available.
  •  – Sublimation – Qty: 1+
    Sublimation isn’t something you see often in Wichita, but that is only because people don’t know about it! US Logo has one of the largest presses in Wichita, coming in at 44”x 64” so we can sublimate your big projects. The imprint is photo quality, far superior to screen printing. The most interesting feature of sublimation is how the image becomes one with the fabric. A sublimation imprint actually dyes the fabric. The ink doesn’t rest on the surface of the fabric, but actually dyes the material, which means that it isn’t stiff, thick or rubbery and can’t flake off. Your image will last a long time. Sublimation only works on polyester items and is not limited to apparel.
  • Heat Press – Qty: 1+
    Heat pressed personalization, which begins as a roll of vinyl film with a heat sensitive adhesive on the back side, is dye cut to form your name, team number, message or logo and then applied to a broad selection of substrates, most commonly apparel, with a machine that essentially serves as a large iron. After being applied, heat press vinyl film looks similar to screen-printing and could be the right choice for your project. All our heat press work is done in-house so that we are in complete control of your project. Avoid sellers that have to hire a 3rd party to complete your order.
  • Direct to Garment – Qty: 1+
    If you need photographic imprints or even multi-color logos printed on apparel in very limited quantities, consider Direct-To-Garment printing. Need those photos printed on dark shirts, then you are in the right place. US Logo is well known for our Kornit brand DTG printer. Wish you could have a photograph printed on a single black shirt. Our Kornit DTG printer can. It is able to print on dark shirts because it prints white ink, in addition to the CMYK colors others equipment brands use.
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